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All STROKES are different. Fact! But no one ever stops progressing, albeit at different levels & rates. Fact.

Me climbing my own Mount Kilimanjaro, but it’s nothing compared to Christine below!

My therapists weren’t going to re-train me to master stairs! I thought like hell you aren’t! (We’d installed a new, spacious, open plan family kitchen, just before my stroke, which would have needed completely ripping out to accommodate a new downstairs ‘less-able’ Wet room!) So in true Kate style, I stuck my metaphoric ‘rods’ up (that’s two fingers to everyone else) to my therapists!

So here is me climbing stairs safely in my own home, for the first time!

Wednesday 29th September 2010. Me leaving hospital.

Then EXACTLY 2 years later on Saturday 29th September 2012!!

I liked this comment on my original Beating Locked In Syndrome Facebook site.

Chris Sharp you are true shining example of what can be achieved by being focused and applying true hard work and resilience to overcome disability WELL DONE KID!

But listen to this WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Christine Waddell continues to INSPIRE me! I’ve quoted Christine before, but I just want to remind of her.

Christine’s page can be found on ‘Diary of a Fighter’ Facebook.!/DiaryOfAFighter

The page is a record of the progress of Christine Waddell and her fight back to mobility.

Christine suffered a brain stem stroke in 1997 which left her with locked in syndrome. She can see, hear and is totally paralysed whilst still being completely mentally aware.



Christine MUST surely inspire you all? Whatever your hardships are in life?

Maybe your immediate reaction to my own remarkable level of recovery, is to think I mustn’t have had ‘proper’ Locked In Syndrome, following my huge brainstem stroke? Well I did and you’d be TOTALLY wrong.

It was formally diagnosed by many medics and I have had my brain recently re-scanned to prove it is still damaged by the legacy of the huge clot.

So I can assure you it was all these things: REAL, TRAUMATIC, BRUTAL, CRUEL, PAINFUL, LONELY, UNDIGNIFIED, PROTRACTED and a huge FIGHT (when I decided to try to beat this. See my Beating Locked In Syndrome page on Facebook, which I set up in hospital.).

But forget my story, I’m a blip or medical anomaly, Hey, all strokes are different. (Although my story and support, did inspire Christine months ago when we ‘met’ over Skype after ‘meeting’ on Facebook.) I was amazed at her abilities and possibilities then (even as a NON MEDIC), but no one listened to our ‘view’ of her untapped potential.

So Christine got busy, and I got feisty and demanding! (Something we are both good at!)

Fast forward 6 months and her efforts have paid huge dividends!! It all started with her REMARKABLE thumb flicker after many weeks of WILLING and damn hard work. (Which was followed by a neuro physiotherapists taking notice and reinstating a proactive therapy plan for Christine, including speech, after 15 YEARS OF NOTHING. (Apart from just nursing care for 24 hours a day.)

Her story is here and I can’t embed her video link, because it was loaded into Facebook, as opposed to You Tube.!/photo.php?v=497228610287821

The moral of this, for everyone in life is:


Kate Allatt September 2012

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! I WOULD LIKE THE STROKE COMMUNITY TO HELP ME, HELP YOU? I know I’m demanding, but I just want to keep inspiring through writing ebooks and on social media. SO:

1. Please send me your inspirational, progress videos and I will share on my Fighting Strokes Facebook page and @fightingstrokes and ?????

2. Help me write my 3rd New Book ‘I AM STILL THE SAME’ by contributing YOUR unique stroke story, to help raise societal understanding and how you are still the same inside but you appear ‘less-able’. How you feel, how you struggle to control your behaviour but you are still the same person inside. How you feel about other peoples attitudes to you now? How you feel about losing your husband or wife or job and former identity? How you need people to give you much more patience now or how undignified the whole experience was. Or if you are a carer, how has your loved one changed? What has helped you cope and what may help other carers?


**** Remember: You can fake your name or be anonymous, to protect your loved-ones!


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  1. I absolutely hate the statement, ‘All strokes are different, all stroke recoveries are different’. Its just an excuse not to do the hard research work of figuring out what works and what is repeatable. Dean

    October 21, 2012

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